Our Centre

We help children engage their bodies and minds through fun and educational activities.

About Smart Kids Educare

We take pride in saying that ours is a multicultural centre having children of mixed cultures which help them to understand, value and respect each other.


We have efficient staff who nurture and care for children and are enthusiastic in delivering quality programmes. We take every care in making sure that each child’s wellbeing is nurtured, and they are kept safe and secured within a hygienic and safe environment.


Learning alongside children of different ages, abilities and cultures help children of our centre grow as confident individuals.

Our vision

Our centre vision is ‘love, learn and grow’. At our centre children love each other, learn through observation and grow together as a group. So we aim at promoting a healthy environment and high quality programme for all groups of children irrespective of age, ability, cultures and genders.


Our goals


Up to two years: Enriching learning of up to two’s by providing them activities that help them develop important skills.

2-3 Years old

4-6 Years old

More about our centre

In our centre, we have efficient staff who are enthusiastic in delivering quality programme for children of all ages. Children at Smart Kids Educare are encouraged to learn, through collaborating with adults and peers, through guided participation and observation of others as well as through their exploration.


We are fortunate that we have children from various cultures and we value this by celebrating their important festivals at our centre. The children understand that they are valued which allows them to grow a positive awareness of their own and other cultures.


At our centre we have lots of space both indoors and outdoors where children can have free access at all times. We have a beautiful closed deck which does not restrict our children to enjoy the outdoor on rainy days. Lots of resources and toys are available for children to play and engage in meaningful learning. Children develop important skills in their first years of their lives that prepare them for a smooth transition to school.


Teachers in our centre all aim at helping children realise their potential and build a strong foundation for later learning and for life. Every child is respected and encouraged to develop at their own step, and learn in their own way.


Through programmes provided in our centre, children develop their skills and knowledge in areas of wellbeing, belonging, contribution, communication and exploration, and have a smooth access to school as competent and confident learners.