Welcome to Smart Kids Educare, We take pride in saying that ours is a multicultural centre having children of mixed cultures which help them to understand, value and respect each other.

About our programme

Our programme is based on the NZ Curriculum TeWhāriki which emphasizes that each child learns in his/her own way. It builds on the child’s current needs, strengths, and interests by allowing them to make choices and take responsibility for their own learning.


As early childhood educators we provide opportunities for children to be creative which helps the children to understand their own individual ways of learning. We also recognize that these experiences enhance the child’s sense of identity.

Our intended

Outcomes for children in relation to curriculum embed the principles and strands of TeWhāriki and we strive:

  • To ensure that children can develop at their own pace and every goal they achieve is based on their strengths and interests.
  • To help our children grow as competent and confident learners and that they make a valued contribution to the society.
  • To create an environment where infants and toddlers home routines are followed. Parent’s input, suggestions and aspirations regarding their child’s learning are valued.
  • To work collaboratively with children and families to help each child develop a strong bond between their families and our centre by celebrating different cultural events and providing programmes linked closely to children’s background, so that cultivate their sense of belonging.
  • To provide opportunities for children to freely explore and learn new skills.
  • To support children whose second language is English.

We provide programme that is supportive but at the same time challenging, as it provides opportunities for independent exploration, encourages thinking and creativity.

After observation of each child, our curriculum provides long-term and short-term learning programmes based on children’s abilities and interests individually so that they can have different challenges accordingly.

Large outdoor areas provide children with physical development and challenges.

Age appropriate activities related to children’s interest enable children to acquire problem solving skills.

We also evaluate our curriculum through: Parents voices, self-reviews, teachers input during staff meeting.


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