First Day at Smart Kids Educare

We are gonna help you – Just read the information down below.

Dropping off your child

While dropping your child off in the mornings, it is vital that parents understand that we are only authorised to have children from 7am to 6pm. Hence, unfortunately we can’t have children dropped off before this time, regardless of whether staff are inside the premises. Along with this as far as pick up is concerned, parents are required to collect their child according to their enrolled hours. In case if you are stuck in the traffic or cannot come in the required time due to an emergency please call the centre and inform one of the staff members. It is imperative that you show thought to our staff by collecting your child promptly at closing times as staff have to deal with bus timings or other commitments.

Pre visits before starting

Once your child is enrolled at SKE your child can have visits prior to their start. These visits will help the child to know the centre environment/surroundings, children as well as staff. This will also give the teachers the opportunity to understand the child’s needs/requirements before they start.

Starting with SKE

Once you come into the centre as part of our requirements parents will have to sign in and put the child’s belongings in their assigned lockers. We encourage the children to put their drink bottles on the kitchen bench by themselves so that they learn to become responsible for their own belongings.
  • No food or medication is allowed in their bags. If any please hand it over to one of the staff members.
  • Before leaving please wave goodbye to your child and one of the staff will help your child with the settlement as we understand and value the child’s emotional wellbeing.
  • During your child’s first week you can call up to the centre to find out how your child is doing.
  • Our centre does not encourage any toys from home however, parents are allowed to provide under 2’s with their special blanket or special toy which will only be used during their sleep time.
  • All children have the opportunity for an afternoon nap in an assigned bed.

goes in our school bags?

  • Nappies and Toileting must be supplied by parents. Staff will endeavour to support efforts made at home while children are transitioning to toilet training.
  • Sunscreen is provided by the centre during summer time. However, in the case of your child having sensitive skin or certain skin allergies, a sensitive sunscreen can be provided by parents for us to keep for their child.
  • Hat
  • Change of clothes
  • Shoes, socks, sandals or slippers
  • Drink bottle
  • Formula (if required)
  • Dummy (if required)
Special Note: If the child is sick please call the centre and inform one of the staff members. Children need to be kept at home if they are unwell so that the illness does not spread to other children at the centre.