Special Afternoon Tea 2018

This week was rainy and cold. Our children at the centre did not get to enjoy new activities so the teachers all decided to prepare a special afternoon tea for all the kids that day. Usually our dining tables are round and separate for kids to sit around them....

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Library Visit 2018

Our 4-5 year old children had a wonderful time visiting the library. Children were so excited about the walk to the library they talked about all sorts of books they thought of borrowing from the library. We talked about the rules we need to follow when we go to the...

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Water Play 2018

Water play is also one of the enjoyable activities that we do in Summers. In the sunny mornings and afternoon, children love to have water play. There are a variety of toys that children play with, during water play. Big children like to wash the toys in the water and...

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Easter Celebration 2018

This easter, we had a lot of fun activities in the centre. We started by preparing bunny ears, which, children painted pink and then it was shaped into bunny ears. For taking the easter eggs home, children painted and decorated their easter baskets. On the easter...

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Ambury farm trip 2018

Children had a wonderful time at Ambury farm with their friends. They were happy looking at different animals at the farm including cows, chicken, pig, rooster, rabbits and horses. After a good walk in the farm, Children enjoyed their lunch along with their friends,...

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Water Safety

Playing in water can be fun, but also be dangerous if we don’t know the proper safety rules. Bahama the swimming instructor, was invited to the centre to show children how to keep themselves safe while swimming. Bahama showed children pictures of water play, gave...

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Matariki 2017

‘Matariki’ the Maori New Year is a time to celebrate the harvest where extended family members arrive with fresh harvest produce to enjoy a special celebration. They celebrate this event with singing, playing games and gathering together. As part of our Matariki...

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Book Week 2017

Reading to pre-schoolers have numerous advantages such as: Language and communication skills; The basics of how to read a book; logical thinking skills; Enhanced concentration and discipline; The knowledge and imaginative skills are some of the benefits of reading to...

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Super Hero Day

Children have been talking about superheroes. Superman, Spiderman, Wolverine, Hulk, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Ant Man are some of their favourites. Children have been imitating them and they also discussed about how superheroes are strong people who save good...

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Our Sports Day

We are very active little bodies and our huge backyard playground offers them lots of space to practise our favourite sports. When we were asked how we felt about having a Sports Day at our centre, we were very excited. We started to talk about the different...

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Chinese New Year & Lantern Festival Celebrations

We celebrated the Chinese New Year and Lantern Festival on the 5th of February 2016. Prior to that day, we started the preparations. Our centre was decorated with red paper decorations and lanterns. We made beautiful crafts that represent the Chinese culture. We...

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Fun at the Park

We had been looking forward to the trip to Potter’s Park and everybody had been talking about their favourite activities they would like to do there. We talked about rules that we needed to follow while we walked to the park and while we played there. As we walked to...

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