Everybody including the kids are fascinated about the objects we see every day. That is mainly the sun, moon and stars. As children can get to know some cool and interesting things about planets and the solar system we planned to engage 4-5 year old in this project. However, an interest alone will not necessarily result in learning, if it is not accompanied by purposeful and intentional teaching practices. We understood that a project approach can be great way to explore shared interests with children.

Firstly we started by asking children what they know about the solar system and asking them questions regarding it. Later we showed children few videos regarding solar system. They were very happy and excited while watching them. Later we spoke about the solar system. Children with the support of teachers painted the thermocol balls with the appropriate colours.

Learning is the process of acquiring new or modifying existing, knowledge, behaviour, skills, values or preferences.

The children had many things to learn from this art work. These include: Colours, names and size of planets, the biggest and smallest planet, total number of planets and finally about sun.