During children’s play we observed that they had a really good interest in selling and buying things. We saw some of the children pretending as shopkeeper and tried to sell ice-cream and other things. When we asked them, what they will get in return after selling, some of the children said, $ 1.00, some replied ‘money’ and some of them did not reply. During mat time, we asked children if they are interested in making a shop and they all said excitedly in a loud voice,” yes”. Then we started making model for shopping.

  • When we decided to start the project a few of them showed interest in participating in the programme. To further develop on their interest, we talked to them during mat times by asking them questions like ‘who likes to go for shopping with their parents? What do they buy?
  • Also children saw some videos and pictures. Then they started to enjoy in taking part in it and showed great enthusiasm in finishing the project and waiting for the shop to sell.

During this project children gained knowledge about:

  • How to do shopping. They learnt the value of money and how their parents buy the shopping stuff by giving money to the shopkeeper.
  • Different names of fruits and vegetables which they made from potters clay.
  • Developed fine motor skills while making different shapes with their hands from clay.
  • Different grocery stuff which we use in our kitchen.
  • How by joining little things can make a bigger model.