Children have been talking a lot about butterflies. They have seen a butterfly in the garden and they have been talking about how they look, what they eat and where they live. Some children said, ‘they like the colours on their body, some said, ‘they are nice to look at. The older children also wanted to be butterflies and fly like them using wings.

We read the story of ‘very hungry caterpillar’ which is their most favourite book where they learnt about ‘The life cycle of butterfly’. We talked about eggs, caterpillars and butterflies and children used different resources to make them. Children drew, painted and used collage to make different artwork related to butterflies.

Children also learnt the song, ‘Fuzzy Wuzzy caterpillar humps along —‘and also danced for the ‘fly, fly, butterfly song’.

Their interest was further extended by making it as a project where children were engaged in making eggs, caterpillars, cocoon and butterflies. They were really focussed in the whole cycle through which along with creative skills have also enhanced their literacy and language skills. They were very excited what to do next at every stage. When they completed making pretty butterflies with beautiful coloured paints they were quite happy with their accomplishment.

This has helped older children develop deeper understanding of the life cycle of butterfly along with having fun.