Fees at Smart Kids Educare Balmoral Road, Auckland – 2017

Number of days
1 Day
2 Days
3 Days
4 Days
5 Days

Under 2 year old

Over 2 year old

3-5 year old (incl 20 hours ECE)

(Minimum of 2 days enrollment, all prices includes GST) Half day sessions are also available.
Payment Methods:
• Fees are to be paid at least one week in advance.
• Fees have to be paid weekly through automatic payment. No cash is held on site, no cheque or cash.
• Centre will be closed during Christmas/New year period. You will be informed of the dates in advance and you can stop your automatic payment during the period.
• Full payment has to be made during statutory holidays and sick days.

Work and Income Subsidy:
If you believe you are eligible for WINZ subsidy, which is part payment for fees, and any extra fees which is not covered has to be paid in full by you.

20 hours ECE subsidy: (For 3-5 year olds)
All the children who are 3-5 years old are eligible for ’20 hours ECE’ subsidy provided by the government.

Morning session: 7.30 a.m- 12.30 p.m
‘20 hours only’ is available with enrollment of 5 hours per day Monday – Friday with a charge of $20 (for 5 days)) which includes one free morning session, lunch, morning snacks, providing sun block, Excursion/walks, Trip to library and parks.

Free afternoon session: 1.00- 5.00 p.m
’20 hours only’ is available with enrollment of 4 hours per day Monday – Friday with free of charge (for 5 days) which includes afternoon snacks, providing sunblock, excursion/walks, trip to library and parks.

Withdrawal of children:
If you choose to withdraw your child from the centre, a two weeks advanced written notice need to be given.

Extra days:
If you wish to have an extra day at the centre for your child, you need to inform the manager or the staff. We cannot guarantee you but we will try our best to cater to your needs.