It is at the heart of the institution, that my daughter is looked after and that makes me go to work at ease and peace.

Thank you Smart Kids Educare

Kejia Xu

The valuable growth that my kids enjoy and learn during the time at Smart Kids educare is results oriented. It’s the governance that I value most.

Jayaraj A.S

I am very happy to say that I have no regrets for choosing Smart Kids Educare for my little boy Aarav. He has settled pretty sooner than expected and kudos to the faculties for helping him settle. It feels great to see Aarav enjoying his time in the centre and his motor skills and linguistic skill are so evidently improved. The centre and the faculty is so promising that has made me feel my little super hero is in safe hands. Thanks to the centre and of course the staff for all your patience and fab job with all the little masters.

Ashwini Ajay

This school help new student adapt to a different learning and requirement system, always ready to help the child overcome the hardships of the learning process as well as create conditions that help improve oneself, the best part of the school is, parents were always kept precisely informed about our child’s accomplishments.

We could also see lot of improvements in his vocabulary and also in his confidence level. That surely requires a big round of a plastic for the faculty.

A friendly, nurturing environment with the right balance of structure and play

We truly believe that we made a best choice of choosing this school which has a wonderful environment filled with a caring and loving staff.


Smart Kids Educare has really brought a positive development in Aaradhya. She has started communicating in a very impressive manner. She likes to talk about her school, friends in schools and also her teachers. Being a parent I have also noticed that she is becoming more independent each day, in terms of doing her own things herself. Finally she has adjusted and she likes to go to school happily. Smart Kids Educare has been very first school of Aaradhya and I think she has got the right stepping stone for the future growth.

Deepti Sikand

I would like to acknowledge the dedicated staff/teachers at Smartkids for providing a warm caring whanau orientated centred. It’s very welcoming to arrive and be greeted by all staff, every day. It’s quite a small centre compared to some I’ve seen, and that gives it a special character. Where your toddler is interacting with babies, I think that’s awesome. The programmes for the children are stimulating and fun! I love that Smart kids Balmoral embrace and acknowledge many cultural events throughout the year. There is great communication and updates of progress and/or concerns. My grand-son brings home art work, photos and other things he has made. He is developing a love of learning and I thank you all at Smartkids for your dedication to teaching and nurturing our tamariki in Early Childhood Education.

Angela Edwards

A big thanks to all the teachers for sharing the wonderful experiences of Shanaya with us. We see new changes in Shanaya every time. She is a caring daughter. She will ask her dad daily how was his day in his office? Is he tired or not? When I am not well she will tell me to have medicine and suggest me to visit the doctor for a head ache.
Shananya is interested in painting, yoga, dance, and she keeps watching videos on it. Shanaya used to not share her toys with Aaradhya but now she has started sharing with her. All thanks to you all who teach kids good values. Thanks to all the teachers.

Cecilia & Sushant

The teachers at Smart Kids Educare are very caring and this makes the drop off easy as I now that my daughter is in safe hands. I look forward to picking her up from day-care as she is always so excited to tell me about her day with her newly learnt words. I am enjoying watching her grow into a confident young lady. Thank you.


We as a family absolutely love Smart Kids Educare, the staff and curriculum are amazing. My daughter has had so much fun since she has started she’s always been talking about how her days are and all the wonderful new songs she has learned.
Thank you to all the staff for everything you do for our princess, you guys are awesome.

Schmucker-King family